about Me

Hi, I’m a Helsinki based engineer-artist who’s passion is to not separated an engineer from a designer. The world wants professional who know left and right. Art and Science. Ones who make things that “do” cool and look cool!

Currently I’m studying New Media Design and Production (http://medialab.aalto.fi/new-media/) focusing on UI and UX design. I have experience being a front-end developer at Canter creating webapps and graphic designs. On my free time I make videos, do photography and design printed products. I have a huge passion towards learning new things and trying out latest technologies. I believe that places me strongly capable of solving current problems in the industry. I bring dedication and hard work with an aptitude for details.

I believe that my educational background, design knowledge and passion for learning new things is the way forward in the field of front-end development and media production. That’s why I believe I’m the engineer-artist, knowing the two sides of the coin.