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The human brain

What is the human brain? What are the parts?

The human brain

What is the human brain? What are the parts?

Show Me The Money

“Show me the money” seminar was a one-day event discussing how to make money as a designer. Its main focus was on how designers can market their material so that it has the maximum potential for the client and also allows a designer to earn a living doing it.

Pure data course

This is a project to produce music by using the wikipedia live edit stream at: stream.wikimedia.org. To access the stream Socket.IO 0.9 protocol is used by installing it with npm. For the music I am using Matt Davey pure data abstractions and creating different sounds depending on the first ascii character of "title" received from the real-time Wikipedia edits stream.

First week in Aalto & the first course

Orientation week in Aalto and project from the first course "DOM-E0000 Understanding Media, Art and Design"

YQL and Html data Part 1

This is a project for a local church organization for fetching their event data onto a big display monitor. We are using yahoo's YQL queries to get xml data that is then converted into a JSON array string. This is an app that runs on the browser. Part 1 focuses on the technologies used.

My Aalto Admission Assignment

Tasks that we where supplied at the second phase of the application round for Aalto masters program in New Media Design and Production in 2016. This is my account of the process and the tasks that where assigned.