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Electronics, Wood Works & Fabrics

Tinkering from Laura Meskanen on Vimeo.


An electronics for artists class where we got a chance to work with different tools. A short workshop course, that ended with making an automatic parking meter. Watch the video:

electronics for artist project

parkomatic from Laura Meskanen on Vimeo.


Creating fabric patterns with the "tie & dye" methods in the printing lab and digital fabric prints that need to be steamed through for the color to stay on the textiles.

Silk fabric printing with colors

Wood Works

After taking the course at Aalto Studios workshop I'm now able to work with the heavy duty machines to create my own wood and metal works.

wood workshop

Code tinkering...

A weekend coding project to create a simple block building tool in 3D space just for fun. Wanted to try my skills at what i can accomplish without anything set up in a single weekend by my self from scratch.

Box builder in 3D space using three.js ( and beat detection using a very simple beat detection algorithm found here: Code can be found here & video below:

Box Builder - in 3D space from Laura Meskanen on Vimeo.