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EUROPE'S BIGGEST HACKATHON - 48 hour Hackathon (Junction 2017)

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Junction is a meeting point* for thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.


This idea came to us because we're tired of the constant feeling of being "on" that the internet creates, but still love the widespread functionality it provides. Vintage is cool, and radios are vintage. Ergo, radios are cool.

What it does

tuneOut is a Spotify-connected, old-school radio. You can tune between playlists Spotify has curated for you, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. The music Spotify has guaranteed you'll like is just a twist away, and accessible when you're not

How we built it

The code is based around Spotify's API and uses node.js to communicate with the computer's serial port. The radio uses a set of dials and LEDs in a DIY setup. One dial controls the playlist selection, and the other controls the volume in Spotify. The LEDs provide status — volume and playlist selection.

Github at: Github and Docs at: Devpost

tuneout being used